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25 thoughts on “Prize. Pride. Pogba. In case you needed reminding: Paul Labile Pogba is a FIFA…

  1. Where is Luka Modric?
    In his hotel room , probably cried himself to sleep馃槩馃槩馃槩
    Where is de bruyne ?
    Back in Belgium and still sulking about defeat and how much they deserved the world cup 馃槓

    But where is Paul Pogba ?
    I’ll leave that one to you..

  2. United need to take a note from France, the way he played in a more attacking role, where he could show his potential, instead of being so defensive for united, cause the manager wants him as a more holding midfielder…. They should sign Blaise Matuidi, absolute work horse and with pogba, they are a strong force….

    Definitely would be one of the best midfield in the PL.

    Both compliment each other well.

    Let pogba play the way he knows best.

  3. He ran about like a headless chicken most matches and wait till you see him in the first match of the season he will be back to the ridiculous haircut again, hopefully United will sell him to Madrid for 拢100m

  4. Croatia shd deserve to hold da Golden WC 2018 if not for da own goal n penalty…Luck against them…Croatia is more superior than France in speed n long passes..Too bad not their day

  5. He scored in the Europa League Final win over Ajax n now he scored in the WC final. Those critics who say he is not a big gamer can eat their sausage. Only 25 n he can still improve a lot more. U don鈥檛 get any bigger than the WC. Pogba is now a WC winner and he will enter into the annals of football history

  6. good job on the world cup win Pogba. but a sad thought, when will you win the CL or PL with Man Utd. or rather when will Man Utd ever win CL/PL ever again. 馃槩馃槩馃槩

  7. Good and bad. Good that his value has gone up and we can sell him for a profit. Bad is if he stays, there will be more showboating from this circus clown

  8. To those that say Croatia were better, it terms of what? Last 20 min they were tired, is that a better team?

    France were intelligent, they saved energy for the last moments and they capitalised with Pogba being the man. It’s called being a complete team.

  9. So how does this make both smalling and Jones stop being avarage defenders? If we don’t buy world class defenders and get rid of these avarage defenders not even a world cup winner will help us.

  10. Savage player, missed one on one with a goal stopper. Pogba and his mates did not deserve that cup, Modric and his team mates does. Only #Mpappe deserves some #accolades

  11. You have remain with champions league to be considered a legend who as won everything .
    Europa league winner
    World Cup winner
    Serie A Cup winner with Juventas
    …..champions league Loading

  12. It’s all about jealous fighting you “black golden boy”.

    Keep high standard records to prove them wrong.

    They don’t believe what’s happened to create your talent they blame becomes so shiny!

    Congratulations ” the mighty black golden boy”

  13. You can say whatever you want . Perisic better , croatia better , Luka Modric better ..
    Still. France the Champion . And that man made a one goal .

  14. The World Cup is a knock out tournament. One mistake and your team sinks, even in the group stages. It’s not like the premier league, where your long term form takes precedence over a three week period of luck.

  15. Croatia played some great football but couldn鈥檛 get the breaks or the goals. But France found their way past the 鈥渂est defender in the world鈥

  16. Ojala juegue como campeon del mundo en Manchester United . Desde que lleg贸 al equipo de la Juventus no le he visto un partido que justifique todo lo que se pag贸 por el , siempre veo un jugador displicente caminando la cancha y sin ningun tipo de compromiso con el equipo .

  17. where are all the haters that said no man Utd player will get a trophy in this tournament? 馃馃槺馃槼. wait! I know 1 specific player that cried twice this year. in the Champions League finals and the World Cup finals. 馃槀馃榿馃榾

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