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25 thoughts on “All set for our latest #MUTOUR trip to the USA! ️🇺🇲️

  1. Thank God England didn’t win 2018 WORLD CUP. If they had won and gone on to take the trophy, football commentary in England will change to something as boring as this:
    “World Cup winner Jordan Henderson wins a tackle from Sane whose country was eliminated in the first round”.
    “Eric Dier who won the world cup with England passes the ball back to Alexis Sanchez whose country was humiliated by the world champions in a dramatic penalty shootouts”.
    “Young World Cup winner Marcus Rushford gets behind Arsenal’s defense with electric pace. He has continued from were he left off.
    “Ashley Young who helped England win the world cup falls under a nasty challenge from Van Dijk whose country didn’t even qualify for the just ended World Cup in Russia.
    “The golden boot winner and perhaps the most lethal striker of our generation “Harry Kane” scores with a brilliant header. What a player!
    “Garry Southgate, the brain behind England’s success in Russia is in the stands. Immaculately dressed as usual. His neck tie costs millions and millions of pounds”.
    Imagine such nonsense in the EPL.
    Congrats to #France🇲🇫️the 2018 world cup champions…!

  2. Why are you all complaining? Blind will return to Ajax after agreeing deal and Darmian will soon be sold. Lot of players deserve a rest during the World Cup. It’s only a pre-season and friendlies does mean nothing. It’s about getting fitness and warming up before the new season starts. Your lot comments pissing me off. Negative and get a grip.

  3. BUY PLAYERS !!!!!!! NOW !!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Question – are World Cup players like Rashford, Pogba etc joining in on tour with the team (since they’re only just finished in Russia)?? Or are they resting for a bit. I’m seeing you in San Jose next week. Would love to know if they’re joining

  5. Wasn’t pereira on the US tour last year but wanted to go on loan for the season regardless of mourinho wanting him to stay. Why is he still in the squad?

  6. Don’t play the deadwood like Blind and Darmian. Play the kids and let them show why they deserve to play meaningful minutes with the first team. Then…actually play them in the first team. Don’t be a stubborn old man Jose!

  7. Thank God England didn’t win the world Cup
    Assuming they won it
    Premier League commentators wouldn’t allow us to rest
    They’d be like

    “World Cup winner Jordan Henderson wins the tackle”
    “Eric Dier who won the World Cup passes the ball forward”
    “Young the World Cup winner, Rashford makes a run behind the defense”
    Ashley Young who helped England win the World Cup falls down under the challenge from Van Dijk, whose country didn’t even make it to Russia 🇷🇺

  8. After watching players of Croatia playing world class football in all WC matches …MU players r like a bunch of sick n weak amature in comparision.

  9. New season, new goals, renewed belief.
    💯% ♥️ and support!
    4 🏆 to play for…
    let’s do this…
    Let’s attack and outscore…

  10. Really wish we could come to the U of M game but I was not able to save up for tickets. I really want to thank your players for inspiring my 4 boys to keep playing and enjoying the sport. Keep it up.

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