Paul Pogba wins the 2018 World Cup

Ladies and gentleman: we have a world champion! 🏆 Paul Labile Pogba

Paul Pogba wins the 2018 World Cup

Congratulations to our midfielder, who has won the greatest prize in football after France beat Croatia in Sunday’s final.


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25 thoughts on “Paul Pogba wins the 2018 World Cup

  1. Thank God England didn’t win 2018 WORLD CUP. If they had won and gone on to take the trophy, football commentary in England will change to something as boring as this:
    “World Cup winner Jordan Henderson wins a tackle from Sane whose country was eliminated in the first round”.
    “Eric Dier who won the world cup with England passes the ball back to Alexis Sanchez whose country was humiliated by the world champions in a dramatic penalty shootouts”.
    “Young World Cup winner Marcus Rushford gets behind Arsenal’s defense with electric pace. He has continued from were he left off.
    “Ashley Young who helped England win the world cup falls under a nasty challenge from Van Dijk whose country didn’t even qualify for the just ended World Cup in Russia.
    “The golden boot winner and perhaps the most lethal striker of our generation “Harry Kane” scores with a brilliant header. What a player!
    “Garry Southgate, the brain behind England’s success in Russia is in the stands. Immaculately dressed as usual. His neck tie costs millions and millions of pounds”.
    Imagine such nonsense in the EPL.
    Congrats to #France🇲🇫️the 2018 world cup champions…!

  2. congratulations to Africa for the first time Africa have won the world cup
    unfortunately the French team will received the cup
    thanks for African players

  3. Liverpool legend lovren is the first player to lose both UCL final and world cup final in a span of 50 days …the guy is going to win nothing. If you ever feel sad about yourself, just remember that Dejan Lovren has lost 4 finals in a row, Capital one Cup, Europa league final, Champions League final and the World Cup Final.😂😂😂😂

  4. Congratulations on winning the World Cup, Paul. Unfortunately though, our expert fans have made their opinion of you very clear over the last 2 years, and who am I to argue with experts? GTFO of our club, you are not United quality and never will be.

  5. We should sell pogba now immediately reason he won’t have the same effect at mufc whilst mourinho in charge and he already won a world cup so what’s a epl title or cl it’s nothing

  6. Paul Pogba

    The first Man Utd player to score at a World Cup final.

    The first active Man Utd player to win the World Cup since 1966—when Sir Bobby Charlton, Nobby Stiles and John Connelly won it. The likes of Fabian Barthez, Gerrard Pique & Juan Mata were not Man Utd players when they won theirs.

  7. Outstanding the whole tournament. Anyone that says otherwise is either biased, deluded or lacks football knowledge. Just hope he can produce that sort of form for United next season 👍

  8. Pogba has been widely criticized for being undisciplined when playing in a 2-midfielder system. But Fred is in town now. He has the necessary skills and qualities to make Pogba better next season. Mark my words! Congrats for the trophy, Pogba.

  9. Mourinho will knock that confidence he’s played with by the end of the first training session of the season. Pogba better enjoy this high whilst he can

  10. No matter how salty or bitter y’all are still doesnt change the fact that Pogba did win the world cup with France and yes he is good as much as you dont want to admit it.

  11. Just goes to show when played where he should play he’s a great player. He had an awesome game and great tournament. I hope he stays and gets to play in his best position.

  12. Vive la France🇫🇷 🥂🍾…Paul Pogba…you beauty, you did ManU proud🙌🏼…I forecast France were going to win this World Cup from the get go😍⚽️❤️💙🏆👏🏼

  13. Yeah Paul Pogba and just Paul Pogba won the world cup he took on 7 other teams all on his own whilst playing in goal defence midfield and up front what a man!

  14. This generation of french team is most talented. Lets get dembele too, pogba gonna win the EPL, UCL and ballon dO’r , jose needs to believe in him!

  15. The most criticized football player in the world…walks as a world cup champion…bigup Paul pogba…where are the haters…u will always reign no matter what…

  16. So when pogba was defending for France pundit was saying what a player .when mourinho teach him defending for the man u they were not happy. They should give mourinho a medal

  17. Congratulations Paul labile Pogba .
    Thanks for putting our name in the book of world records as a first Red Devil to score in the final of the world cup.
    We are proud of you

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