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25 thoughts on “Pogba: We won’t repeat the mistake of 2016

  1. Lukaku needs to really work on his first touch. ..Guys this is really important. ..we can’t have strikers like that …he really doesn’t need a holiday

  2. Pogba is know to be something else during his time at untd and he went to juventus and show some big signs there that why 89m was paid so why are people’s talking bad of him mounting never want to let player play the way they want because he did not play football just look at martial Radford and so on who play with their life ,instead is looking for old all redimade that we expire in one and half yrs untd better sack him instead of him sack the value of untd

  3. Even if man untd buys all the big names around the world the player must still be deform because the coach is not perfect to the player taste

  4. Croatia may have Rebic, Subasic, Modric, Mandzukic, perisic, drugsic, alcoholsic, kovacic,… But France has OLIVIER GIROUD.
    Case Closed馃槀馃槀

  5. Hope his hair style will stay like this but I believe if he wins the World Cup he鈥檚 ego will be 2 times bigger than Maurinho鈥檚 馃槅

  6. Hes been bang on in the World Cup against Belgium he looked unreal they couldn鈥檛 touch him shame really France vs Belgium should of been the final

  7. Pogba is a good playing wish man u can get someone like mbappe or bale or cost so we see best of him. Wish u success today March. Bro.we love u and all by ur side as we win the World cup today .great pogba

  8. Win it for Man United for seaon 2018-2019 EPL. Then can silence the crowd. Or else no point talking. Putting aside that doesn鈥檛 mean France can win world cup 2018.

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