GOAL ALERT – United v Liverpool

What a strike!!! Andreas Pereira with a superb free-kick!

Watch the game live on MUTV: http://manutd.co/K1Z.

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25 thoughts on “GOAL ALERT – United v Liverpool

  1. What an absolute moaning negative git. Says the fans shouldn’t have wasted their money to come see the game? Good way to totally demoralise the young players. Plus I’ve been a fan for 30-odd years, so why shouldn’t I go see them play their main rivals? Maybe if he didn’t park the bus and let them play, we’d have more than 3 shots on goal (don’t even remember having a shot on goal the 2nd half). Not to mention he says he wants more players brought in. Well, the club makes money off these off season games. Not sure the team needs to keep adding players every year. Keep and play Pereira and a few others. Don’t know why he sticks with the likes of fellaini. The press officer looked mortified when he said no one should have come to the game! No, Jose maybe you shouldn’t have come back this year. Go and complain in another league. Think he should have gone to psg when he had the chance. Can’t wait for him to leave. More negativity this year. Dross.

  2. United ain’t winning anything this season as well. Look at Liverpool how strong squad they have built and where are we. Again a third place finish to the season.

  3. Why doesn’t Jose just leave the club 🤔 ? He looks totally fed up and is moaning already before the season has even started ! Let’s get someone in with a bit of enthusiasm for the club 🤔 ! Otherwise it’s going to be another long and dull season 😕 !

  4. We were outplayed and outscored. 4 goals to 1. That is too much! They scored three goals after Salah and Mane were off. We were boxed in our own half. Hardly allowed to touch the ball. Klopp schoold mourinho today. For those who will say united used young players, they also used them.

  5. The young team going well. Pereira is going really well. Herrera shows he’s just garbage passing to a Red shirt every time. Young defence doing really well against a nearly full strength Scousers side.

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  7. Stop moaning and start managing. Get out of the hotel and go to a proper home. Treat your job as at least medium term. You knew about the absentees months ago. What did you do about it? What was your plan?

  8. A player who works hard, fights for his position and plays for the badge should be kept, Pereira is going places #Martial fans come beat me am in my house

  9. pretty much….the ONLY highlight

    We have not replaced Neville, Ferdinand, Vidic or Evra…..and the theme will always be the same until we do

    4 or 5 teams in the prem have better back 4’s….

    We’ve never said that before 2013

  10. I think it is very apparent that there is a problem with our club. This problem made all the last 3 managers unhappy with transfer and yes the managers failed on their part too but imagine drawing up a list of players but unable to get half of them each season. This is because someone thought better and wants to run the club his way. Fellow supporters we need to get this bug out of the club. The worm was appointed as vice chairman on 2012 and since then our transfers has been crap. I hope before we shout any manager out moving forward let’s shout Woodward out! #woodward out

  11. Perreira should have been playing ahead of Herrera. I don’t understand why r Herrerra and Martial still United players. Martial can easily be swapped for Verratti and for Herrerra we can get 40-50M which can help in funding a good defender.

  12. Mourinho needs to play him next season ahead of Fellaini, but we all know that won’t happen! Chong needs to be given his chance also! Otherwise what’s the point in Utd stockpiling all this talented youth if we aren’t going to play them?!, we aren’t Chelsea or Citeh!😠😤

  13. Hey it’s pre season MONEY games because Jose said this wasn’t his squad…he didn’t try anything different…he has played the same formation every game (same as last season) …slow ponderous sideways football…no first team improvements at RB..CB and RW…don’t the club now we’re all very unhappy with his brand of football…we’re brutal to watch. GGMU.

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