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25 thoughts on “#GoalNotGranted

  1. So Jose making all these excuses about why we are losing or drawing games. Not a team. Not a squad. Blah blah blah. City played Munich tonight. With a youth side. And 3 or 4 first team players. Less than United. Won 3-2. Came from behind as well. Jose needs to realise the squad isn’t just 11 players. It’s getting boring Jose. All the excuses. All the pointing the fingers at other people. I think at the moment we will finish outside top 4. Behind city Liverpool arsenal and Chelsea.

  2. From what i have seen so far, liverpool are the better team,they have possession, more shots on target and more accurate passes. The difference between the two managers on display, Klopp more attacking and entertaining, Jose more restricted and defensive. Really not the united way!

  3. Que tristeza ver en lo que se ha convertido el Manchester; en un equipo sin alma, sin jerarquía, sin buen fútbol, sin nada.. Ferguson, cuanto se te extraña por Dios.

  4. Don’t get to worked up about this match guys, we’ve got heaps of kids playing and we’re far from full strength and Liverpool have mostly all of their first squad playing. It’s not a representation of the season to come

  5. People moaning, it is pre season friendly that means nothing to us and we have what 4 first team players on the pitch lol calm down its only a commercial

  6. Me and my best friend are in the top left in the third kits. Just a foot or two higher and you’d see our faces! Result doesn’t matter it was an amazing experience #GGMU

  7. The glazers family should realise by now that morinho is not the manager who will win us the premiership and bring back the glories to man Utd. In the past any teams came to old Trafford played for the draw or losing by 1 or 2 nil . Now even the bottom teams can beat us at home . Morinho’s tactics are boring and old .

  8. Every Victory builds confidence in a team. While you may ague about preseason, i believe it influences the teams performance the first quota and maybe influence top four finish. But till MU changes this sluggish, poor passes, poor shot on targets, non aggressive, poor challenge, poor attacking football, they won’t see any silverware written 2018/2019 in that cabinet under Josey.

  9. I think it is very apparent that there is a problem with our club. This problem made all the last 3 managers unhappy with transfer and yes the managers failed on their part too but imagine drawing up a list of players but unable to get half of them each season. This is because someone thought better and wants to run the club his way. Fellow supporters we need to get this bug out of the club. The worm was appointed as vice chairman on 2012 and since then our transfers has been crap. I hope before we shout any manager out moving forward let’s shout Woodward out! #woodward out

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