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25 thoughts on “Game faces on for United. #MUTOUR

  1. Mourinho:

    “It’s Liverpool first team vs Manchester United kids. For the last two years they have not been able to beat us, today they will think they have a chance.”

    Totally behind the boss👏🏽😂

  2. i have come to know that our biggest problem is CEO eddy woodard. dats why we always make fake signings and at a high price,,yet good players are there like douglas Costa, thiago alcantera etc

  3. Just haven’t got the quality we require for two weeks. Need Woodward to stop squabbling about a few million and remove Darmian from team. Give Herrera away, same as Rojo and Jones.
    Bring quality in now. Alderweireld Kroos or Verratti and Lewondoski.
    We need goals not just from Lukaku

  4. Man u kids versus Liverpool kids only 0.01 difference In sqaud ages , man u is miles behind with young talent .
    I love man u but I’m a realist .

  5. بشرفكم لا اتفضحونا
    فوزو على لفه بول
    واهم شي لا تخلون هذة مطي صلاح يسجل هدف علينا
    حتى يصير بنفسه يسجل علينا ويموت وهو مامسجل هدف علينا

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