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23 thoughts on “Here’s United’s XI to face Liverpool at the Michigan Stadium:

  1. YNWA..LIVERPOOL are the Pride of English and British Football. The only British team to win 5 UCL title which is something manure hasn’t. We will win a treble if not a quadruple this season #YNWA

  2. United 1liverpool 4…and if you see the match stats it is so embarrassing for united…Jose comments will fill the youngsters with massive confidence ‘This not my squad this isn’t half my squad..”…great I think you’ll find time is running out for Jose…he is purposely trying to destroy united credibility ?

  3. We have young and upcoming keepers but this useless manager buys a 30 odd year old who will barely make 10 appearances in his United career

  4. It just shows Liverpool got more depth than United.
    No Lukaku, No Firmino
    No Pogba, No Keita
    No Rashford, No Chamberline
    No De Gea, No Alisson
    No Valencia, No TAA
    No Matic, No Wijnaldum

    Maybe lindgard and Fellaini can make the difference, but ultimately is the style of play that matters, it’s a team sport

  5. Put it in perspective people, Im not a fan of Mourinho but hes put out his 3rd team to give the youth players (apart from Sanchez & Mata) a chance to prove they can move up a level. The result…. doesnt mean much except for pride. All Im saying is with the first team out we would have destroyed Liverpool like we did last season. As for Liverpool…. the young lads made them look better than they are. Still cant see anybody getting near City this season. Friendlies mean NOTHING.

  6. The way this season seems to begin I won’t b surprised if we don’t even finish in top 4. Isn’t the board watching all this…🙄😮😣🤔 SAF how can he digest wats happening now. If I were SAF I wud straight come out of hospital and throw Jose out and start my coaching role… Pathetic here…

  7. Well no matter what Liverpool’s squad is, this will do a whole wonder of good for Mitchell if he can keep Salah quite. Weird formation i’m seeing it as either a 3-5-2 or 5-2-3? Could someone fill me in on that?

  8. I think it is very apparent that there is a problem with our club. This problem made all the last 3 managers unhappy with transfer and yes the managers failed on their part too but imagine drawing up a list of players but unable to get half of them each season. This is because someone thought better and wants to run the club his way. Fellow supporters we need to get this bug out of the club. The worm was appointed as vice chairman on 2012 and since then our transfers has been crap. I hope before we shout any manager out moving forward let’s shout Woodward out! #woodward out

  9. It’s not about the 4-1 loss but seriously I don’t want to start a new season with mourinho. I used to be really excited at the start of every new season. Management is buying him every player he wants and yet he’s unable to deliver. And We’ll lose martial n rashford cuz of him

  10. And Arsenal beat PSG. It’s sad for travelling Man Utd supporters to see a loss but let’s think of the big picture. The Premiership and the Champions League with perhaps an FA cup final. Which we have done before and can do again.

  11. we need a coach who’ll invest in our academy, we’ve got a great talent there, and players of early twenties not 29 years and above as opposed to what Jose want. it’s high time the board think beyond their nose cause am seeing similar disaster to what happened to Chelsea on mourinho last season, it all started with these same attitude.

  12. Some good exciting performances from the young players coming through. Darmian isn’t good enough and Mitchell was poor in 2 of the goals. I’m sure he will get better, but it was disappointing to see such disorganization across the back line. On the bright side, there is some real pace in that young team!

    Jose needs to get the balance right for the next few games, can’t go into the Leicester game not having played together, just won’t work.

  13. I was at the game. When Sanchez came off Mourinho greeted him as if he had scored a hat-trick. Other players got a tap on the arm. Jose is rather blind when it comes to this expensive player.

  14. This Mourinio hasn’t a clue how to manage players or respond to problems….with all the salaries united pay and players we have signed he couldn’t stop the slaughter of 4-1 to Liverpool our greatest foe…..he last season had no answer to 2 league hammering to City and Spurs and the 2 leg champions league match against an average Seville….he badly needs to go as he is killing united. Mourinio out

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