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24 thoughts on “A new collab with TAG Heuer

  1. pliz dont give money to Mourinho for transfers he will waste it,has already spend too much without much improvement and he is already selling those he brought in,confused ,boring,useless manager.I doubt anyone will want to come play for Man Utd aslong as he is manager

  2. I hate to say this but our manager’s comments are worrisome. I am proud of my club but Jose is killing my beloved club. The way he is criticizing the players, no words of motivation to the young kids. I fear the worst in the coming season. Why not building a team around the kids since he knows that many players are not yet in camp.
    Then another observation is why Phil Jones on an extended holiday, can this lad come back and help our defense issues there, he didn’t play during the just ended World Cup in Russia.

  3. Shouldn’t you be concentrating on transfers???Don’t worry about improving the team just concentrate on lining the owners pockets with sponsorship deal. Priorities all wrong.

  4. Well done Ed (again) now convince the Glaziers to open the cheque book…we need to invest heavily in the first team and the squad. We’re all pissed off with is.

  5. Paddy & Maisie,
    Stop being hypocrites! – The whole world knows that “JOSE PLAYS DEFENSIVE, BORING, & CRAP FOOTBALL”! – SELL MARTIAL LIKE POGBA, & BUY HIM BACK FOR £500M 2 OR 3 YEARS LATER! – IDIOTS!!!

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  7. Jose is the main problem of Manchester United!!!
    He has to go and allow better coach to build a team!!!
    We need not only see results but a team that can play together!!!

  8. Good sponsor from Chevy, Kohler and now Tag Heuer MU got most all of it but the team? Like a punching bag and i not sure we can make it with EPL or UCL 😟

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