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  1. The whole PR drive on this feed is misleading and ill judged towards increasingly resentful genuine supporters whose patience has run thin with transfer recruitment, style of play and cultural identity. This is as far away as ever that I’ve seen Man Utd detached from its fan base and something needs to shift.

  2. One thing I love about United is all the fans from other clubs making comments trying to disrupt our team. Would never find a United fan on another club page As we are loyal to our club lol. Manchester United won lose or draw. Keep chasing us. More title than all. Lol

  3. I love Manchester united , Always behind the team and the Manager , Unlike some brainwashed and unrealistic plastics, in Jose I trust, We are coming for the title this season, Believe that !!! #GGMU

  4. The situation is clear ..
    Liverpool Barcelona Real Juve Napoli city have more strikers than defenders .. Because they play to score …
    United has many defenders and only lukaku as a striker .. Mourinho plays not to lose, not to win …
    It’s not good …

  5. Paddy & Maisie,
    Stop being hypocrites! – The whole world knows that “JOSE PLAYS DEFENSIVE, BORING, & CRAP FOOTBALL”! – SELL MARTIAL LIKE POGBA, & BUY HIM BACK FOR £500M 2 OR 3 YEARS LATER! – IDIOTS!!!

  6. Jose is the main problem of Manchester United!!!
    He has to go and allow better coach to build a team!!!
    We need not only see results but a team that can play together!!!

  7. Righe time has come for Mourinho to get fired.
    *Rojo to be sold while keeping stupid bloody Smalling & Jones.
    *Not desperate to keep Pogba after landing just unexperienced Fred
    * No plan to get the best of Martial, Alexis and Marcus
    * Over-emphasizing on how to play defence, which defender to bring in

  8. เป็นเหี้ยไรทีมนี้ แม่งหัวร้อน โจเปเลล่ามึงหัดเซฟหน่อยก็ดี อีดอก

  9. mourinho’s Tactick Big Bus 🙂 Mourinho Please Out Of Our Lovely Big Team. i think 80% Of The Fans Are Hate mourinho we Went Pass Pass Geame TaKtick. Mourinho out 🙁 🙁 🙁

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