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24 thoughts on “Manchester United updated their cover photo.

  1. The situation is clear ..
    Liverpool Barcelona Real Juve Napoli city have more strikers than defenders .. Because they play to score …
    United has many defenders and only lukaku as a striker .. Mourinho plays not to lose, not to win …
    It’s not good …

  2. Having trouble sleeping? Then tune in to MUTV! We have the worlds best cure for insomnia! That’s right for just 1 low cost monthly payment you too could pass out while watching Man Utd play the worlds worst football. Watch as we fail to score goals and fail to keep clean sheets while playing all out defence. Is it the Theatre of Dreams or the Theatre of Nightmares? Who cares when you are sound asleep! Signup now and get a full seasons sleep! (disclaimer: you may want to turn your TV volume down so the cheering fans don’t wake you up when our opponents score against us). Brought to you by AON sleeping partners of Man Utd.

  3. try players vary tactics Jose you don’t need to please anyone when it comes to pre season. Don’t listen to plastic fans it’s only pre season u can do try and error . it’s better to loose here than to loose when the league starts .GGMUFC

  4. Look its preseason… The results and performance are not that important… But the whining and negativity from the manager is pathetic

    If he’s feeling so hard done by… just check out of the Lowry and piss off 👍

  5. Hello how are you doing
    Thank you for accepting my friend request, I’m from Indonesia but my husband is from Vietnam and we live in the UK, sorry I did not write the language well because I was still learning the language ,can you speak English ?

  6. Jose is the main problem of Manchester United!!!
    He has to go and allow better coach to build a team!!!
    We need not only see results but a team that can play together!!!

  7. I think the transfer saga going on is to put mourinho in a fix so if fails they can easily chuck him out. our style of play is boring I mean so boring. we no more a threat as we used to be..#manutdwillrise

  8. Paddy & Maisie,
    Stop being hypocrites! – The whole world knows that “JOSE PLAYS DEFENSIVE, BORING, & CRAP FOOTBALL”! – SELL MARTIAL LIKE POGBA, & BUY HIM BACK FOR £500M 2 OR 3 YEARS LATER! – IDIOTS!!!

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