#MUTOUR: Final training session in Miami

Great final session in Miami ahead of tomorrow’s #MUTOUR game v Real Madrid C.F….

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25 thoughts on “#MUTOUR: Final training session in Miami

  1. I know there are negative press lately on Mourinho but he is just stating the facts!! The transfer system at United seriously collapsed since Ferguson and Giles left. Woodward and the rest of the Galazer family are only interested on the commercial aspects of the club and they don’t really care about football on the field. Since Ferguson and Giles left united didn’t sign any talented players until when Mourinho showed up that’s when we started seeing some good players. Mourinho is a winner and he want to wind with right set of player however united management doesn’t share that ambitions at all, and that’s why we see negativity around. I don’t blame him if he leave but the fact is united is not heading any where until we find the the director who share the same dream that we fans, and the manager like Mourinho have.

  2. Why should we buy Willian so Chelsea can fund themselves for Pulisic??

    He’s a RW, a Man Utd fan, and he’s American. Think about the marketing potential considering we’re owned by Americans and both of our kit sponsors are American.

    WE need to hijack that signing.

  3. I find this very hard to say and recently LVG had not to be mentioned in anyway way shape or form.
    Now i wpuld welcome him back with open arms to get rid off JOSE

  4. stop being negative guys, its pre season, liverpool made 10 subs, got two penalties, played with most of their superstars against a weak united team, wat could you expect

  5. Manchester United is the one thing I have that gives me joy. As of late, as of Mourinho, I feel like even that is fading… Life draining from the club i love, players (Fellaini) and the manager disrespecting the club we love. Throwing the values like nurturing youth talent and playing attacking entertaining football out out of the window and making the club negative and basically a money club.

    I hope that you dont have to start losing the money before you see what the negative football and negative antics are doing to the team

  6. Any one has an answer as to why Mou is behaving like this?? Is it because of the transfer business we have done so far, ed woodword?? So much negativity and the season has not even started.

  7. All those commenting on mourinho and his negative tactics,,,you all are gonna be surprised this season for sure,,,,mourinho is complaining cuz the defense seriously needs refreshing players,,,,,,and if gets his transfers than he will surely challenge for title

  8. Everything that made this club so great and unique has faded away. we don’t nurture the youth players to become great, the players coming only came because of money and the manager is clueless, he’s always making negative comments on our dear club. we are greatly in need of our former players to take this club perhaps they’ll bring the club to its standard.

  9. The way Mourihno is working with his players — Questionable ..Pliz let this Man go before he break our team apart.. FACT… his bulling behaviour is something else.

  10. Paddy & Maisie,
    Stop being hypocrites! – The whole world knows that “JOSE PLAYS DEFENSIVE, BORING, & CRAP FOOTBALL”! – SELL MARTIAL LIKE POGBA, & BUY HIM BACK FOR £500M 2 OR 3 YEARS LATER! – IDIOTS!!!

  11. Well….Sanchez doesn’t look unhappy at all ….maybe all these comments from Jose are just meant to fire up the youth
    Hope Chong and the others can prove something to him against Madrid

  12. Looking forward to this coming season! But there is a Lot of “red flags”, and we have yet to see the “right transfers” for our team. Transfers That Can actually make a difference In this season!!
    Its painfull to watch the Manchester United we all love so much play with whitout the “eye of the Tiger”, someone who wants to die for the Club… I miss the days where People feared Old Trafford!! 🙌 MUFC ❤️

  13. Don’t think anyone is disagreeing with the facts around players not being available and he fact we could do with another few players coming in.

    The issue is Jose goes about delivering that message and throwing his players and the kids under a bus in the wrong way.

    Why would anyone in their right mind want to come play under him at the moment?

  14. Jose is the main problem of Manchester United!!!
    He has to go and allow better coach to build a team!!!
    We need not only see results but a team that can play together!!!

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