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23 thoughts on “It was great to welcome some WWE superstars to training today! We hope our lads…

  1. (*)8(*)8(*i*)8(*)8(*)
    S**t’s Almost £200 4A New Man U Kit Hat’s Made By Slaves,
    Where Anyone Who Buys One Has One Foot In Their Graves,
    Just Think Of D Millions Of Butt Ball Season Ticket Beholders,
    That R A Boat 2B Deleting Their Outside Time Eternal Folders,
    Don’t Worry If Ur A “B,B,S,T,B” Coz U Can Get Ur Folder Back,
    All U Have 2B Doing 4 Hat Is 2B Getting Ying Yang Upon Track,
    None Of GB’s Butt Ballers Care About D Cubs &Oar/ It’s Fans,
    They Will All Go Down In His GOV. Story As Just D “Also Rans”,
    Oars/ Sin “less”,
    ST. Hmmm.

  2. Just on holiday talking to this stone about
    united,got more sense out of it than 90% of
    you clueless deluded football fans in here #MUFC_4_Life

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