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25 thoughts on “Plenty of smiles during our final training session of #MUTOUR…

  1. People who are speaking out thinking we are gonna have a bad season, are mad. Look at The first team players that have played have been good(which is really only Sanchez and Bailly) pereira have been Amazing. Shaw have shown Signs of redemption. There are a lot of positives. We are messing nearly our hole starting 11 so dont panic(plus our start players who have played at The WC have been great) å

  2. I think it is very apparent that there is a problem with our club. This problem made all the last 3 managers unhappy with transfer and yes the managers failed on their part too but imagine drawing up a list of players but unable to get half of them each season. This is because someone thought better and wants to run the club his way. Fellow supporters we need to get this bug out of the club. The worm was appointed as vice chairman on 2012 and since then our transfers has been crap. I hope before we shout any manager out moving forward let’s shout Woodward out! #woodward out

  3. Really don’t get why they’re so happy. They had a massive chance to show the manager they deserve to challenge for a place in the first 11. Instead lacklustre performances and showing zero passion. It’s times like this I really wish Keaneo was still at the club they wouldn’t be laughing if he were there.

  4. I think Manchester United fans deserve better football than this I think we deserve better result than these to see Man City win the league buy more than 20 pints it’s hurt me

  5. Arsenal beat PSG 5v1. Do you think that score reflects both teams level once the serious action starts. United have been missing the spine of their team in the games so far. Take a look at the other teams who have been missing such key players in their team and you will see they are not firing. My big concern is the negative messages Jose is putting out regarding his squad. Not exactly helping the 2nd string who could be relied upon during the campaign if they are hearing comments like Sanchez is having to work with lower quality just now and we only have one striker. Mata up top as a 2nd striker in Liverpool game actually did ok. Not exactly what he wants to hear from his manager. I can see the wheels coming off the bus this season.

  6. Great news Last season pre season we beat Barcelona then we thought it will be the start of titles but ended with nothing only Jose park the bus style now we lost hopelessly so maybe now we gonna win the league

  7. If I was manager, I’d have none of that. None of the team deserves to be so happy. We got spanked by Liverpool…Liverpool of all teams. I’ll will stand by my team till the end, but they have to act like they care. Care they’re playing so poorly.

  8. So, Club management just asked the players to pose smiling in order to making thus Facebook post .. is this how you’ll handle your problems with JM ?? Really ?!!

  9. It doesn’t seem like Man United has the buying power anymore… We are desperate for new signings but i haven’t seen any world class players show any interest… No striker, no outright winger, no right back… Are we not planning to try and challenge for the league anymore…. 😭😭😭😭

  10. If the players are smiling, Manchester United fans are not smiling, we are angry, we are disturb, we need to be illuminated about who we are buying, I keep surfing the net to see Manchester United link with players but none in the last two weeks… What’s happening Woodward…..? ARE YOU GONNA WAKE UP!!!!!!!……i wish am in the city of Manchester right now and I’ll stay a lone protest to Woodwards office, I won’t mind to sleep in front of his office ,so he can buy, what are Manchester United fans in United Kingdom waiting for, will you do the needful and show how confuse and unhappy we are over the clubs transfer activity this season……… Arghhhhhhhh

  11. Jose is the main problem of Manchester United!!!
    He has to go and allow better coach to build a team!!!
    We need not only see results but a team that can play together!!!

  12. FFS people Mourinho has been playing a 3rd choice team which includes a lot of young fringe players. Talk about plastics, more like tossers.

  13. Have fun tomorrow against R. M, Remember the game isnt important but never forget we are MANCHESTER UNITED play with pride and even if you’re not part of the first team, we dont let other clubs push us around ! GGMU

  14. Everybody is after Jose Mourinho,I don’t see any reason why.
    Jose shd be given what he demanded, to win de league.rember United is still in a rebuilding process.up manutd

  15. They happy cus they get paid a fortune for doing very little. Physically and perhaps more importantly emotionally they don’t give a sh-t about United.
    “Uh oh we lost…never mind I’m another 100k++++++++ richer this week…and all the dumb supporters will continue to happily give me their money…course I’m happy…wouldn’t you be?”

  16. Well done guys. No matter what the negative elements who called themselves United fans say, I wish you guys success. I and all the serious minded supporters wish you guys well ahead of the start of season.

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