Video: Lee Grant in training

Lee Grant on 🔥 in training! 💪 #MUTOUR

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25 thoughts on “Video: Lee Grant in training

  1. Stop moaning about Jose ….get rid of Ed Woodward!! Since he took over Utd haven’t been top of signing the players the manager wants. Jose gave the broad 5 names he wanted 2 months ago…Where are they??? Ed Woodward simply isn’t good enough as Chairman to get the top players into the club!!

  2. Mourinho’s diversion tactics seem to be working again. He’s criticised Martial, Pogba etc and suddenly the fans turn on them. Now he’s blaming Woodward and the fans are turning on him. Mourinho is doing an appalling job at our football club and he’s got most of the fans wrapped around his little finger, it seems.

  3. Best signing so far. Only reason we have lost is due half time switching in pereia. Then playing 5 at the back to try and justify buy a other center back when we already have 6! Martial is a part off my plans…. WHERE at? Is he going to play him as LWB?

    Jose is a JOKE!

  4. Really??? How desperate have you become?

    Are we supposed to get excited about a keeper that will never play a competitive game for us?

    Embarrassing Manchester United 😡

  5. Tell you who isn’t on fire, Ed bloody Woodward. Just sign someone! We are desperate for a proper wide player and have been for the last few years! But he still won’t get what mourinho wants, rather chase marquee signings that we have no chance of getting! You just keep letting ‘big time’ players use us to boost their wages 👍👍👍

  6. Another brilliant save from Grant, United 3-0 up against United in training with Goals from Smalling, Jones and Fellaini…
    United now 19 points clear at the top if they win this one at AON TRAINING COMPLEX…

  7. I know this is pre season and but grant is crap in 3 games 13 goals scored against him granted that includes the penalties but I never been happier to have De Gea

  8. Classic Mourinho… Blaming others for their own inability to convince world class players to join the team…
    Do you see any world class player desperate to join United? NONE!!
    The only one desperate to leave united is Pogba!!
    Why is his agent offering him to Barcelona and others teams?
    And the saddest thing is that nobody wants to sign him…

  9. Jose is the main problem of Manchester United!!!
    He has to go and allow better coach to build a team!!!
    We need not only see results but a team that can play together!!!

  10. Im. Hoping Jose as taken notice of how much his players played during the world cup , in the right positions , and not out of position were he puts them.

  11. wow. preparations really heating up for a fight for 5th place. bracing for another season of parked buses, demeaning players in interviews, more contributions from smalling and some embarassing defeats.

  12. Watched him in person Saturday, not impressed. He will not see the field. Practice reps are needed tho. Collecting a check, keeping career alive.

  13. Who on earth would want to watch the reserve team play? This tour is a complete farce and an embarrassment. I dread to think what’ll happen in the first month of the league!!

  14. We need one consistent good centre back n a right winger to make balance in our team..Shaw must start games ahead of young,,smalling to play f.a cups..if Shaw doesn’t play hw cn he improve,,

  15. Lighten up guys. It’s just a clip of a player having fun in training. Don’t think anyone’s expecting him to be No.1 or No.2 this season once everyone’s fit.

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