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24 thoughts on “Your Monday Briefing: 12 key points

  1. 12 key points. 1, Use 4-3-3 foemation this season. 2, Shaw should start ahead of Young. 3, The criticism of players from manager must stop. 4, Pereira shouldn’t be loaned out this season. 5, A right winger is still needed. 6, Our fans in the stadium should enlighten the stadium more than they did last season. 7, Bailly and Rojo should start at CB when fit. 8, Darmian still needs to leave. 9, De gea should be put on penalty practice after every training session. 10, Woodward is a soak lunatic. 11, Pogba should beour num 1 penalty taker. 12, we should only park the bus after 80 mins whenever we’re winning against ant top 6 club.

  2. Mourinho asked for:
    Alexis when he was 99.9% City’s
    A new contract for Fellaini
    And Woodward delivered on all fronts. He wants Alderweireld too and we’re working on the deal.

    Mourinho fans still telling me that we are AN IVAN PERISIC/WILLIAN AWAY from the title.

  3. 12 points?…. Can sum it up in 2…preseason has been a shambles… And Mourinho is having a meltdown and as usual its everybody’s fault apart from his

    Not the right man for this club

  4. *State of Man United at the moment*

    Matic- injured
    Valencia- injured
    Bailly- injured
    Shaw- injured
    Rojo – injured
    Dalot- injured
    Romero- injured
    Smalling- injured
    Young – On Holidays
    Rashford – On holidays
    Lingard – On holidays
    Jones – On holidays
    Pogba – On holidays
    Fellaini – On holidays
    Lukaku – On holidays
    Martial – Absent
    Mourinho- ScapeGoat
    Ed Woodward-on holiday

  5. The problem we’ve is Martial , Rashford and Pogba they don’t fight for the team , I don’t see passion from them, talented without passion is nothing

  6. Manchester united is in total disarray…. Is there anyone seated somewhere expecting this team to challenge for major titles under the current coach?

  7. Sad Man Utd fans, they hated Mou before he joined but has to put up a fake front to support him. Pls don’t wet the pillow. V soon he will be sacked

  8. In 3 years honestly mourinho has not created a real team, players not at the level of the glorious united.. Poor games, inexistent performances.. This united is far from the level of Barcelona real Juventus psg Bayer city Liverpool…

  9. Honestly I am having a second thought about what Mourinho can do. I used to be his supporter,but the way he is going preparing the team for this season is giving me the creeps. The quality of players he signed for this season is leaving a lot to be desired.

  10. No to old yes he has a few years in him but we should build young players like mbappe bale and kane would be ideal weather we get those is another story

  11. Not happy with who was playing in Michigan spent a lot of money that I did not really have for the family to see how the game should be played and it looked like a u18 team out there

  12. Woodward should sign the players, and let the club succeed; he knew this Mourinho man before he went for him, and he has even rewarded him with an extension. Sign them and stop wasting the club’s time for success, going for this and changing and not granting them their wishes at the right time to clear himself of every blame; he is blameworthy, and for that matter, if he messes the club’s season up, he should also face the sack or demotion alongside the coach. I don’t know what’s wrong with him? he should sign!

  13. Makes u wonder what’s happening at United.. Two-three month courses for all Mou’s signing behind the scenes. You almost forget that u indeed made a signing. Whilst other managers will be moving the heavens desperate for their signings to play immediately after the medicals. Something just isn’t right with Mou

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