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25 thoughts on “@D_DeGeaOfficial back between the posts! #MUTOUR #MUFC #MondayMotivation

  1. In 1998, Manchester United lost pre-season friendlies against Birmingham and Aberdeen then drew against Valerenga. Manchester United went on to win the treble and had one of the best seasons ever. Get behind the lads and support them, pre-season means nothing. Believe. #mufc

  2. Accoding to jose. After the 4-1 mallicious defeat in the hands of klopp’s men.. He said Alexis isn’t happy with the young players arround him. Players like smalling 28. Eric baily 29. Damian 30. Juan mata. 29. SO He is expecting his old and experience players by this new week. Players like RASHFORD 20. LINGARD 25. POGBA 25. LUKAKU 25. Martial 24. I think jose does inherit a psycogenetic malfunction back in portugal

  3. Some people are complaining that David De Gea did not perform well in the World Cup, but David De Gea is doing very well in Manchester United, so why are you complaining? are you really a Manchester United fan?

  4. City fan here…don’t mind me. Just here for all the negative comments. Your page is absolute comedy gold at the minute, reminds me of the Arsenal and Liverpool pages not too long ago…hahaha ..Keep it going

  5. With smalling and Jones still in front of him? I wish EPL is postponed by two month we put our house in order. I fear for this United team especially the defense!

  6. On his day he can be outstanding, but he can be exposed, just like any Goalkeeper. Without some of his outstanding saves Manchester United wouldn’t have been runners up in the League. The reason he has been named the clubs player of the year is because he isn’t protected by our defenders. I’m pleased David is still at our club, but for how long ??.

  7. Guardiola: “I have enjoyed 2 weeks
    with these guys. I want to say
    thank you to them.” Klopp: “All the
    young boys are in good shape.
    What a pre-season they played.”
    Mourinho: “Not my squad. Do you want Alexis to be happy with the
    players around him?”

  8. Supporting Man Utd is not for the faint hearted! If you can take a pre-season defeat to “Loserpool FC” in which we were missing some 10 key players, then you can take your “support” to another team and leave Man Utd alone! I just hope we can get a solid CB and a RW before the transfer window closes and we will be in business in the title race for 2018/19 season! #Foreverbleedingred

  9. I do sober and wonder where we are heading to when Jose keeps on complaining and giving excuses after every match

    Am not concerned with the results so far, they don’t matter to me

    Our young players are Jose’s duty to bring the best out of them, but either he keeps in telling them that they are not good enough

    If he’s not ready for the job anymore, I suggest he leaves now, I can’t be watching him blast his players all day henceforth

    I read this morning that his relationship with Ed Woodward has depreciatited,i don’t know how true it is but a saying always says that there is no smoke without fire

    I don’t hate Jose but am concerned more about Manchester United

    We don’t need excuses again, now is time to deliver


  10. Fine, he played badly in the World Cup. But does that mean all his other brilliant performances are suddenly supposed to be forgotten? Give him a break.

  11. You all do realise that a lot of the comments on these posts are from fans of other clubs winding you up and trying to cause instability and friction.

  12. Some ppo r saying ‘he was useless at world cup’, so what?? Was Man Utd competing in Russia 2018? Get a life, the lad has been spectacular for us 4 over 5 conservative seasons.

  13. Let’s wait and see what gonna happen when everyone is back in the team, sometimes is a matter of time, when Lukaku and Pogba come people were complaining about their performance but today they are defferent players improved a lot. Let’s wait and see.

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