#MUTV | Juan Mata previews United v Real Madrid

🗣 “It’s a perfect end to our US tour.”

Juan Mata is relishing our clash v Real Madrid!

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24 thoughts on “#MUTV | Juan Mata previews United v Real Madrid

  1. This tour has no benefit to the team, and is purely a moneymaking exercise. Been better off staying in England, playing lower division sides. Not surprised Mourinho,s pissed off.

  2. give morinho the list of players he want, then you can judge him if the team doesn’t deliver…even Liverpool got the best squad than man United…but u still want Mr morinho to win the cups by giving youngs players from the academy chances …

  3. Lol. Perfect now until at the end of the game, maybe a loss is the result and moanrinho starts crying over not having four or five first team members in the game.

  4. B| Mєяє Dσ Bσℓ Kαяαи Tнσяя Pнσяя 👉 Manchester 😉
    👈😋👉 Տαℓαιн Zυвιαя 👈😋👉

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